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Helpful Computer Tips

Computer Practices to Be Mindful Of
  • Do log off of your computer at lunch and when you leave for the night. If you aren't sure how to do this, or any other items in this brochure, please contact the Information Services Department.
  • Do set Outlook up to archive your old emails every two weeks.
  • Do contact the Information Services Department if you need a job-related internet download.
  • Do contact the Information Services Department if you are interested in sending out a mass email.
  • Do your personal internet surfing from a break room computer.
  • Do contact us if you are unsure of any HIPAA computer policies.
Computer Practices to Avoid
  • Do not share your password with another person for any reason. If someone needs to get to your computer’s files, contact the Information Services Department for assistance.
  • Do not...

Computer Protection

Do you have Computer Protection Is it up to date? There's a particularly nasty virus going around known as Cryptolocker. It encrypts the data on your PC and demands a ransom for the password to get your files back. No virus scanner on the market provides complete protection from this virus but a good up to date virus scanner will reduce your risk. If you're not sure if you're protected get in touch with us for some help to limit your risk of exposure to these criminals. We've seen a lot of people lose all their data recently. ...
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