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10 Tips For Spotting A Phishing Email

10 Tips For Spotting A Phishing Email
Every day countless phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims all over the world. While some of these messages are so outlandish that they are obvious frauds, others can be a bit more convincing. So how do you tell the difference between a phishing message and a legitimate message? Unfortunately, there is no one single technique that works in every situation, but there are a number of things that you can look for. This article lists 10 of them.
1: The message contains a mismatched URL
One of the first things I recommend checking in a suspicious email message is the integrity of any embedded URLs. Oftentimes the URL in a phishing message will appear to be perfectly valid. However, if you hover your mouse over the top of the URL,...

Offsite Backup With Data Verification

Offsite – Secure storage of your data. Full & incremental server backup – Fast Recovery. Sector based backup - not file and folder. Verification of Data integrity. Discounts on physical verification. Peace of Mind. Very competitive pricing. Offsite Backup With Data Verification images
The whole purpose of backing up data is to be able to recover it if and when you need to.
Is the backup solution working? (program running and destination accessible)
Do you know when your last successful backup occurred?
How do you know the data is viable?Are images being collapsed correctly?
Why Backup?
Accidentally Deleted Files Drive Failure or Data Loss
Virus Corruption
Natural Disaster
 Office Fire
 “Broken” Windows Updates
Call us to solve your backup worries forever.

Is Your Computer Full Of Popups Malware

Keep your device clean Is your device running a bit slower than usual? Maybe random screens are popping up? Does your bank account have unknown charges on it? These are some signs that your device might be infected with Popups Malware – malicious software designed to harm your device or network. Here are simple ways to help protect yourself: Keep your browser and operating system up to date Most operating systems and software will notify you when it’s time to upgrade – don’t ignore these messages and update as soon as you can. Old versions of software can sometimes have security problems that criminals can use to more easily get to your data. Google’s Chrome browser automatically updates to the latest version every time you start it up, so you can get the most up-to-date security protection without any extra...
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